ISSUE ONE AB and ABC1, fashion conscious, high earning and intelligent. They are professional, discerning and uncompromising individuals, who are opinion formers and lovers of art, fashion and photography.

ISSUE ONE readers are acutely aware of lifestyle trends and fashion culture. They eagerly await and embrace each season’s new collections and are not purely trend followers but trendsetters. ISSUE ONE readers affect by association which brands are desirable and which are not.


ISSUE ONE readers are leaders, not followers among their peers. They are confident consumers who are incredibly brand conscious. They are the first to know about new styles and trends and are not afraid to experiment. Readers look to ISSUE ONE MAGAZINE for an intelligent, credible and inspirational approach to fashion, considering it an unswerving source of information.

The following data represents a readership survey taken from a cross section of ISSUE ONE MAGAZINE consumers. 59% of readers are female. 41% of readers are male. 75% calm to earn 68k and above per annum. 70% of readers only buy brands. 86% of readers think they are fashion aficionados. 79% of readers are influenced to buy product seen in the magazine. 93% of readers earn more than the average household income. 72% of readers own the majority of brands represented in the magazine. 84% follow the arts.

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